Sainte Catherine

The area around Place Sainte-Catherine is popular with tourists, although possibly even more with locals who love to go for drinks in one of the trendy bars, dine out in one of the exotic restaurants or just hang out by the pond while people-watching and chatting. Despite the ever-lasting buzz, the vibe is laidback,especially on sunny days.

The ancient port of Brussels was located in this area, which you can tell by the many fish restaurants and the traces of ancient canals that have been replaced with charming promenades featuring fountains and terraces.

On the corner of Place Sainte-Catherine, you’ll find the fish bar Noordzee, which is my number one lunch spot on Sundays. As you can tell by the crowds lining up, I’m obviously not the only one with that opinion. At Noordzee, they serve fresh seafood like mussels, clams, shrimp croquettes, oysters and fish soup… all of which go down very well with a glass of white wine.